What We Stand For

Producing healthy snacks.

Our yummy and healthy snacks are a good source for proteins.

Caring about our community.

We donate a portion of our proceeds to local charities.

Our Product Offerings

Peanuts with Sesame

Our flagship product peanut snack with sesame is made from carefully sourced groundnuts from Niger state. It is coated in fine organic ingredients and spices with a sprinkle of sesame seeds for extra vitality.

Peanut with sesame is tasty, crunchy and filling. It delivers a right dose of protein unusual of indulgent snacks.

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Peanut Snack
Cookie Snack

Youree Cookies

Yoree Buttermilk cookies is unique creamy tasting mini cookies sure to change your snacking experience. It is a certified mood lifer that possesses powers to make mundane activities more interesting.

It is super rich, creamy and decadent goodness is addictive. You better watch out!

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